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It has been an interesting journey so far as a mother. I have been trying very hard to do all the right things for my baby and was getting quite exhausted. And then I realised that I won’t be able to do anything for her at all if I fall sick because of exhaustion. I need to let go, accept that I can only do so much and take care of myself.

Messages like ‘don’t worry’, ‘let go’, and ‘take care of yourself’, that I’ve heard during the chanting sessions, keep coming to mind. Reflecting on this, perhaps it wasn’t the “I want the best for my baby” that I need to let go of but it’s the “I can do the best”, my arrogance, my ego that I need to let go of.

As my tai chi friends reminded me, the Taoist Tai Chi® training is in every aspect of life and the messages from the chanting sessions are wise advice for motherhood.

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