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Free from Chronic Pain

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I would have been like now without my 26 years of practicing his teachings. I was 55 and just retired when I started. A friend invited me to try it with her. Immediately it spoke to me, mainly because of the calm quiet.

By the end of the session I could barely walk out to the car at 4 pm. I had chronic hip and back pain, couldn’t sleep on my back or sides so tossed from one position to the other all night. I wore arch supports for my feet and to help my back. Two chiropractors told me there was nothing they could do to help me.

I can’t remember how soon things began to change for me physically. I only know I loved it. I am now free of hip pain and if my back gives me trouble occasionally, as my doctor said, I know what to do about it. Over time I learned to relax my feet and haven’t used arch supports for some time.

Things are not perfect because I am aging but it’s not hard for me to imagine what I would be like now physically without this practice. That doesn’t take into account the less physical aspect, the calmness, a greater ability to quiet my mind.

I feel very lucky to have found his teachings in the first place and very grateful for the gifts it has given me, physical, mental and spiritual.

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