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Assembling the Pieces

In my self practice since the pandemic began, I have been having Aha moments big time. Each discovery has led to another discovery and my Taoist Tai Chi® practice has changed each time. It has changed my center of balance.

I found my feet, it changed how I step. My body and limbs are more coordinated. I can now better understand the importance of timing.

I visualize the movements like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece fitting one to the other, to finally reveal the big picture. It’s not all there yet, but the picture is becoming clearer as I practice and put the pieces together. 

The opportunity of consistent self practice is also self discovery. I realized how little I know but confident that I am getting better. Keeping an open heart and mind is an avenue of self discovery. I have learned that a challenge is not a confrontation, but a friendly hand to help me find my way to a less rocky journey.  

I have trusted his teachings from the very beginning of my journey. Even though I didn’t understand much of it, I saw and felt the benefits. It gave me more reason to want to learn more.  

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