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A Rich Learning

During this time of training I feel I am gaining more understanding, and the opportunity to attend the director’s meetings continues to give me insight into our organization, its history, its future and also the ability to learn more about myself.

During the weekly meetings I do reflect often on the stories that people relate about their past experiences. This caused me to reflect on my own history and what I now see as a “character correction” that I received from Master Moy when I was very new and extremely shy. I didn’t understand at the time and I have been holding shame and regret in my heart about it for many years.

During this past year I realized that I have let that worry go physically in my practice through its release from my heart. Also I think I have been unconsciously practicing that which Master Moy guided me to work on, my confidence. The clarity of this being a gift came from listening to others.

I think that my attendance at the director’s meetings initially got me reflecting and practicing on improving myself and my habits by that 1%, specifically letting go of worry and being more confident. Currently I am noticing more of what I might call a sensitivity to how others are changing themselves through the guidance for training that we have received. This came to light quite unexpectedly after chatting with some branch participants. It was a deep feeling that I had about their degree of connectedness. It was quite different than my mind thinking about the person/people which seems more black and white. I see that I can often resort to this, my mind’s own assessment. Our weekly meetings remind me often not to rely on the black and white in any life situation.

Thank you to the FLK Board for this rich learning.

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