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A Path to Follow

Why I joined?

When asked why I started Taoist Tai Chi® practice, my response was that mostly I was curious because my dad had joined a community session a couple of years before his passing. But that couldn’t explain why I’ve stayed for almost 17 years and why the arts have become such a treasured part of my life.

Why I stayed?

Recently, I’ve come to understand this connection more deeply. After my parents passed away within a few months of each other, I needed to fill a void in my life. I no longer had the forces guiding my moral compass and the wisdom of their years as my counsel. And I have come to see that the eight virtues that Master Moy encouraged us to live by are the same values with which I was raised.

The leadership of FLK and his teachings give me the path to follow. They are my guide and my compass. The organization feels like family. And now I have an eternal foundation and ancient traditions that stand in place of my personal roots. Daily practice of the eight virtues tames my heart and brings direction and meaning to my life. I am grateful for the wisdom of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

Filial Piety – it came naturally and without question to honour our parents. It is a gift to be able to provide for them during All Souls Festival.

Sibling Harmony – respect and caring of others was a foundation in my family, and these qualities are exemplified in the family of participants around the world – the feeling is unmistakable in all interactions and gatherings.

Dedication – honesty, hard work, and commitment with an open heart – unspoken but understood as I was growing up – it became a part of my being and I try to set an example of this for my children – the FLK leadership tirelessly demonstrates this dedication.

Trustworthiness – sincere heart and reputation for truth and honesty – lies and deceit were simply not tolerated in my family and have no place on our path.

Propriety – our life was simple, but not without strict observance of good conduct, manners and courtesy. The FLK family exemplifies this in all interactions. Disrespect is not tolerated.

Sacrifice – my parents were the reflection of selflessness – raising four children, caring for each other, working tirelessly to set an example of trust, honesty and dedication. I have opportunity now still, to continue to learn from the examples set by the FLK family.

Honour – the humble hearts of my parents touched all with whom they shared this life – co-workers, extended family, neighbors and even many they encountered only briefly. I am reminded of this humility and sincere heart in the FLK organization.

Sense of Shame – dignity in the face of trials, sincerity, and virtuous living. Life lessons taught by my parents that bring peace and balance. These lessons continue.

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