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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Holiday Season Banquet: Testimonial & Gratitude

Dear International Board of Directors,

I would never know I could offer a testimonial speech if I hadn’t been invited to do so. Thank you for the encouragement: it’s good therapy and a healing process for me to share!

Before I spoke at the Holiday Banquet, I stepped outside the restaurant to get fresh air and asked Master Moy & my husband Dale for help.

One politician came to my table afterward to say thank you and quite a few guests shared their feelings with me, saying I spoke their thoughts as well.

It’s a great tradition that we have banquets to fire up our spirits! It was a wonderful, successful holiday season banquet: the food, program, MC, and company were all the best.

I gratefully appreciate your time and sacrifice away from your homes to help us throughout the year. The International Centre in Orangeville could never have been so beneficial to all of us without your efforts over the years and now.

Kirosa Ecker

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