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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Healing with the Taoist Tai Chi® Arts

When I started the Taoist Tai Chi® arts four years ago, my knees were sore on occasion especially if I tried to kneel down.  Gradually, as I came to class twice a week at the beginning and learned the movements in the set, my knees improved and I happily added an extra class to my week.

Then Coronavirus hit and we were isolated!  If I thought I knew how wonderful and healing these arts were to the body before, I really found out when my practice went from the disciplined six hours in class to my own unsupervised practice at home…  Slowly I started to feel in places I hadn’t felt before… low back, shoulders, legs… I now realize the benefits of the Taoist Tai Chi® practice like never before and how it kept me moving pain free for four years.

-Martine, Ontario


I am an 81-year-old woman who took up the Taoist Tai Chi® arts three months prior to a total knee replacement in December 2019.  During this time of home practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have particularly enjoyed my tor yu’s and dan yu’s, which have provided the gentle, regular exercise I need for my recovery and ongoing mobility.

-Mary, Ontario

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