The International Centre

The International Centre

The International Centre

Located on 100 acres near Orangeville, the International Centre is devoted to the advancement of Taoist training through its programs. The Centre offers large practice halls and temples, as well as dormitory rooms and service areas for participants. It has now been in operation for over 25 years. Contact & directions.

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Centre Programs

The International Centre conducts a full schedule of programs that offers the participant an opportunity to cultivate the body and the mind. The Taoist Tai Chi™ arts embody our founder Master Moy Lin Shin’s teachings, including Tai Chi, Lok Hup, Chanting, Meditation, Taoist Festivals and Ceremonies, Health Recovery, Hsing-I, Tai Chi Sword and Tai Chi Sabre. All programs offer training in internal circulation, spiritual practice and human physiology.

The programs are held over a weekend or over a week. The focus is on learning to optimize the forms of these sets of movements in order to maximize the health benefit from the exercise. At the same time the tranquil setting of the Centre and the disciplined and monastic lifestyle observed during the programs helps participants become more detached from their day to day life and concentrate on their personal cultivation.

In the long run, when our personal development is advanced, we become better equipped to help others in their development. The ultimate goal of cultivation should be a selfless one, instead of one of personal achievement. All programs aim to develop the participant’s heart, mind and body. However, some programs will emphasize one of these aspects more than the others.

Program Registration

Participants can register online. If you can not register online, download either the registration form in PDF  or the registration form in Word, and submit it to the International Centre. In order to assist you with filling out the registration form, please carefully read the guide to the registration form.