Health Recovery Program

Health Recovery Program

About the Health Recovery Program

The Health Recovery Program offers specialized week, weekend and day programs for people responding to aging, chronic illness or the consequences of injury. These programs for advancement of physical, mental and spiritual well-being have proven very effective as complementary therapy in aiding and speeding recovery. As needed, movements are adapted for people with reduced mobility. The Health Recovery Program is open to all.


6225 Every month, people from around the world come to participate in a weeklong residential program at the International Centre. For some, it is their first experience of this art. Our hope is that each person leaves with a renewed conviction that we can all make a real difference in our own health, and with a clear sense of how to go about it. Instructors gain in experience as they teach those with significant health problems.
Health Recovery Days and Weekends are offered several times a year.Those who participate are able to experience the Taoist Tai Chi® arts first hand, listen to remarkable stories of health improvement, share a meal together and tour the peaceful grounds. These events, open to all – including health practitioners of all disciplines -, offer a taste of what a weeklong program provides. 6250
6550 This program at the Centre is inextricably linked to all classes offered in the 26 countries where branches of our organization are found. It is at the club level that students find the continued instruction and sense of community needed to support their ongoing practice.


With the practice of Taoist Tai Chi® arts, many conditions have shown to improve, including:

Arthritis, Ankylosis Spondylitis, Restricted Range of Motion Joint immobility, difficulty walking, Effects of pain medication Low Spirits, Depression,
Nervous breakdown, Migraines
Consequences of sever trauma Frozen Shoulder, shoulder pain Parkinson’s disease
Multiple Sclerosis Fibromyalgia Fused Spine, diminished eyesight
Effects of Stroke, CVA Effects of aging General Fatigue and Pain
Low energy & Immobility Respiratory Problems,
Partial paralysis
Amyloidosis, Effects of Chemotherapy Knee problems, Arthritis & joint misalignment  












The Health Recovery Program was made possible through Master Moy Lin Shin’s tireless efforts to pass on the gift of these arts of health to others, his system of accredited volunteer instructors, and his worldwide fund raising activities.