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Relaxing the Heart

Due to recent health hurdles I cannot stress enough how Taoist Tai Chi® practice has helped and enriched my wellbeing and life.

Zoom discussions with members of the international board and leaders in training have been illuminating through these difficult times, for our branches and participants, and with their guidance we have committed to see ourselves through. They have encouraged us all to cultivate our minds and strengthen our bodies. They have discussed things we have heard before in sessions – ‘how does that feel’, ‘relax’ – and you know what, doing that at home without any performance anxiety, you can feel this and go deeper with the many intrinsic parts of just one move. As such, I have continued my physical and mental journey by relaxing my heart.

Every day is a new day and a chance for exploration of self, and through our Taoist Tai Chi® practice at home we can all do this. The benefits of joining Zoom sessions will enrich all aspects of your journey.

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