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Helping Others

I’ve been practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts for about 30 years. During the last year and a half, I’ve been doing some personal practice.

Some thoughts:

When I have the discipline to practice every day, everything is better: I’m less stressed. Things don’t freak me out. I’m less anxious. I feel strong and healthy. If I don’t practice every day, the above doesn’t happen as well.

When I practice well, I can get into a zone of ease, relaxation and balance. And sometimes the practice feels similar to when I’m on a New York City subway and it’s loud and annoying and I click on my noise cancelling headphones and it’s blissfully quiet. This lovely feeling does NOT happen all the time! But when it does, it’s a pleasure. And I had heard and believed that all these Taoist Tai Chi® arts could have the same feeling. A few weeks ago, for a very short time, I had that same feeling of relaxation and ease in the Saturday chanting. Again, rare, but what a wonderful feeling.

I believe that I could have the same feeling in meetings and administration, but I’m not there yet!

Because of all the communications and meetings during COVID, I have really gotten a bigger idea of what FLK is about and the breadth of Mr. Moy’s teachings.

I’m seeing that it’s all about helping people, and helping the world, and being on a lifelong path to do that better and better.


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