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Doing without Delay

The biggest change for me during the last two years was developing the discipline to self-practice. It made me realize that I’m the only one who can change myself by taking action.

This daily practice has improved my self-confidence a lot. It also helped me to look at myself in a more honest way. By doing that I saw that I used to postpone or eventually cancel many things in my life. I don’t see worry yet as the cause of it but more a strange idea of being efficient by combining things later. Or maybe it was just laziness.

Thanks to the conversation of one of our leaders in training with a fellow participant on her learning and her office tasks as an FLK administrator, now I start to finish things one by one, right away and without delay. I realized that the delayed things popped up in my mind all the time which caused unrest. Now when things are done, they are out of my mind and my mind can rest. It will also help me to focus better.

Just as I managed to make self-practice a daily routine, I’m confident that this new habit will get stronger by time. And it will help me to let go more.

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