Welcome to seniors’ Taoist Tai Chi® classes in Greeneville!  We teach a weekly beginner class at the Roby Fitzgerald Adult Center.  Try your first class for free!  Visitors are always welcome.

Seniors Beginner Class
Tuesdays, 12 – 1 pm, accepting new students anytime.

Nearby Tennessee classes are available in Morristown and at several locations in Knoxville.  Classes are also available in Asheville, NC.  Here are the full schedules for summer 2018 Tennessee beginner classes and continuing classes.  Continuing students may also want to check our schedule for 3-Hour Branch Classes and Events.

A National Workshop (for current TTCS participants) will be held on June 23-24 at Cumberland Estates Recreation Center, 4529 Silverhill Dr, Knoxville.  Please register by clicking the blue button below. If you are local, and would like to volunteer to host one or more workshop participants from out of town during the workshop, please click HERE to provide accommodation hosting information.

Classes & Events Calendar