Festival of the Lord of the Third Season

Today, participants of Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism gathered to chant the Three Seasons Scripture to commemorate the Festival of the Lord of the Third Season, also known as the Lord of the Water Realm. Chanting offers a way to seek protection and relief from disasters. 

Aujourd’hui, des participants de l’Institut de taoïsme Fung Loy Kok se sont rassemblés pour chanter le texte sacré des Trois Saisons pour célébrer le Festival du Seigneur de la troisième saison, qu’on appelle aussi le Seigneur du Royaume des eaux. C’est une façon de demander protection et de soulager la souffrance.

My Self Practice

I came to FLK and Taoist Tai Chi® arts in June 1991, so just 30 years ago.  The time has gone so fast; I feel like I am still a beginner, and I am still a beginner. During the pandemic I was encouraged to practice on my own.  Little by little I learned to stop trying so hard to do it correctly and to just do what I can.  By not trying so hard my balance is better, settling into my very flat feet happens without pain and, despite having COPD, breathing is also more relaxed some of the time.

I have wrestled all my life with anxiety and depression.  Bit by bit my Taoist training has relieved that struggle. I learned that doing dan yus can stop the onset of depression.  Now, on nights when I cannot sleep and get spells of anxiety, doing Taoist Tai Chi®  arts relieves these spells, and they happen less frequently. I am grateful for the weekly international gatherings. The discussion of Master Moy’s teachings has been truly inspiring and has led me to recognize the spiritual path I am on, it is a path that I follow in my not particularly disciplined way, but I have learned to just keep doing it. I am 76 and in fairly good physical shape, but I hope to take my training into the future, learning how to be content with dying. Some days there is a deep sense of joy in being in touch with eternity and the universe.

~ Polly

Polishing the Jade

Listening to our weekly discussions has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be balanced, consistent, and to let go. Doing things with heart, having patience, and self-reflection have opened my eyes to look deeper to appreciate their possible meanings and importance. The tools that are helping me in my physical and chanting practices are also helpful in my decision making and approach to daily life. These sessions have sparked the interest within me to dig deeper. I am gaining a great appreciation for this time with minimal distractions to work at bettering myself, polishing my jade.


Goon Yam Festival/ Festival Goon Yam

The Bodhisattva Goon Yam (Guanyin) inspires us to take to heart her example of compassion. Today more than 150 Fung Loy Kok participants from many countries chanted to pay respect to Goon Yam and to express our intention to bring peace and harmony to the world.  

Le bodhisattva Goon Yam (Guanyin) nous inspire à prendre à cœur son exemple de compassion. Aujourd’hui, plus de 150 participants Fung Loy Kok, venus de nombreux pays, chantent pour rendre hommage à Goon Yam et pour exprimer leur intention d’apporter la paix et l’harmonie au monde.

Double Ninth Festival/ Festival du double neuf

On the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, participants of Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism chant the Scripture of Filial Piety to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival. Chanting expresses our intention to pay our respects to our elders and to our ancestors, and our wish for everlasting harmony. 

Le neuvième jour du neuvième mois lunaire, les participants de l’Institut de taoïsme Fung Loy Kok chantent le texte sacré de la Piété filiale pour célébrer le Festival du double neuf. Par le chanting, nous rendons hommage à nos aînés et à nos ancêtres, et nous exprimons notre aspiration à l’harmonie perpétuelle.



When I started Taoist Tai Chi® practice, there were many things that I had a hard time doing physically without pain; getting dressed, putting my socks on, sitting, getting up, taking long walks … These seemingly small movements affected the quality of my life and even my attitude towards life.

I never thought Taoist Tai Chi® arts would change my life immensely when I stepped into my first class. I remember the question the instructor asked about what we felt after three months of practice.  I realized I was enjoying it despite my pain and I shared the feeling of joy with them. Over time, that joy brought healing and ease to the pain.

When I practice, I explore how to do a movement without triggering pain. Pain becomes a guide. After the session when I return home, I like to repeat the moves and try to catch the same feelings I felt during the session so that I would not forget. Sometimes, I concentrate on just one moment of the movement and work on the feeling. The kick was one of the moves I had a hard time doing properly. When I did it with confidence for the first time, I came home, practiced again and again. I was repeating the kick with such childish joy with a full smiling face, in every direction. Am I doing it perfectly, no! But I can put on my socks standing up now. 

I still have pain and I still have difficulties with many movements. I know that I have plenty of things to learn and work on. When I look back on where I’ve come from, I feel a sense of hope, happiness and gratitude. I can’t thank FLK enough. His teachings made my life much better.


Wong Dai Sin Festival / Le festival de Wong Dai Sin

Participants of Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism around the world chant to celebrate the festival of Wong Dai Sin. He was a simple shepherd who displayed great virtue and is said to have cultivated immortality by practising the Taoist Arts. His story tells us that with a good heart anyone can cultivate themselves through Taoist practice. FLK has a temple specially dedicated to Wong Dai Sin on Steeles Avenue in Toronto that everyone is welcome to visit.  

Les participants du monde entier de l’Institut de taoïsme Fung Loy Kok chantent pour célébrer le festival de Wong Dai Sin. Celui-ci était un simple berger qui a fait preuve d’une grande vertu et on dit qu’il a cultivé l’immortalité en pratiquant les arts taoïstes. Son histoire nous montre qu’avec un bon cœur, tout le monde peut se cultiver par la pratique taoïste. Le FLK possède un temple spécialement dédié à Wong Dai Sin sur l’avenue Steeles à Toronto et tout le monde est invité à venir le visiter.

Mid-Autumn Festival / Le Festival de la Mi-Automne

Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism participants from around the world chant in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The autumn moon is a time when families and friends come together to appreciate what we received over the past year. Together we wish everyone good health and longevity. 

Partout dans le monde, les participants de l’Institut de taoïsme Fung Loy Kok célèbrent, par des chants, le festival de la Mi-automne. La lune d’automne est un moment où familles et amis se rassemblent pour exprimer leur reconnaissance pour ce qu’ils ont reçu dans l’année.

All Souls Festival Reflection

During the All Souls Festival I saw respect and caring for the souls who have passed over and the love and caring that was given through the acts of chanting and the many pledges.  Seeing the altars carefully prepared was beautifully sacred and inspired me to set up my own altar in my home.  This act has brought me peace and reverence. I am so grateful to have been a part of this celebration.


~ Linda

Approfondir le sens du Festival de toutes les âmes


[English follows]

Au cours de mes nombreuses années de pratique du les arts Tai Chi Taoïste®, je n’avais pas développé d’intérêt pour ce festival. N’ayant pas de croyances religieuses, je ne voyais pas de sens pour moi de participer au festival ou de demander une plaque commémorative temporaire.  J’ai été présente à Orangeville à  deux occasions pendant le festival mais, à part de plier de l’argent en papier, je n’ai pas participé.

Avec l’arrivée de la pandémie, on nous offre la chance de participer virtuellement et on nous annonce alors qu’on ferait du chanting pendant 4 heures.  C’était surtout pour moi un défi de pouvoir en faire pendant 4 heures.  Je ne réalisais pas qu’il y avait des pauses mais, malgré tout, ça demeurait un défi pour moi et j’ai réussi à le réaliser.

En 2021, ma participation au festival a pris une nouvelle signification. Ma mère est décédée en fin de 2020 et j’ai demandé une plaque commémorative temporaire pour elle. Alors le Festival de toutes les âmes a changé de signification pour moi : ce n’était plus seulement un exercice, mais quelque chose de spirituel.

Depuis ce temps, j’ai continué à réfléchir, surtout qu’avec le Festival de toutes les âmes on cherche à aider les défunts à se trouver en paix. Cela m’a fait penser à l’ex-mari de ma fille qui est décédé en 2019. C’était une personne très troublée et pleine de colère. Quand ma fille en avait divorcé, il avait continué à la harceler en envoyant des textos, etc.  Il avait un cancer et savait qu’il allait mourir.  Malgré ça, il n’a pas pu lâcher prise de sa colère et de sa rancœur.  Alors, j’en ai conclu que si jamais il y avait une âme troublée qui avait besoin de trouver la paix, c’était bien la sienne. J’ai demandé une plaque commémorative temporaire en son honneur pour le Festival de toutes les âmes 2022.  Avec ce cheminement, j’arrive à lâcher prise sur mes sentiments négatifs envers lui.


Deepening Appreciation of All Souls Festival


For many of the years that I have practiced Taoist Tai Chi® arts, I wasn’t very interested in this Festival. Since I did not have any religious beliefs, I didn’t see the sense of participating in it or ordering a temporary commemorative plaque. I was present in Orangeville twice during the time of the Festival, but other than folding paper money, I did not participate.

Along came the pandemic.  We were given the chance to participate virtually and it was announced that we would be chanting for 4 hours. For me, it was a challenge to see if I could chant for 4 hours. I didn’t realize there would be breaks. But it was still a challenge that I managed to complete.

In 2021, my participation took on a new meaning. My mother passed away at the end of 2020 and I ordered a temporary commemorative plaque in her memory.  Thus the All Souls Festival had taken on a new meaning for me. It was no longer merely an exercise, but something spiritual.

Since that time, I have continued to reflect, especially that with the All Souls Festival, we seek to help the souls of the deceased find peace. This led me to think of my daughter’s ex-husband who passed away in 2019. He was a very troubled person who was full of anger. After my daughter divorced him, he continued to harass her by sending threatening texts, etc. He had cancer and knew he was dying. Nevertheless, he was not able to let go of his anger and bitterness. So I concluded that if ever there was a troubled soul who needed to find peace, it is his. I have ordered a temporary commemorative plaque in his honour for the 2022 All Souls Festival. By following this path, I have come to let go of my negative feelings towards him.


Many other participants have shared their thoughts and feelings about  All Souls Festival on our Facebook page.



All Souls Festival – Reflections


Many participants have reflected on their experiences during the recent All Souls Festival celebrations. Below are some of the comments received on Facebook.


I feel the All Souls Festival is a time of special connection for us with our ancestors and ALL souls. And feeling it so strongly now, that the connection carries on throughout the year. I feel humbled by this feeling. Thank you.



Thank you for the peace and harmony through the message of this post. Helping us through sorrow after the loss of a really kind friend. Helping to find joy and the value of the daily moments. 



Thank you for the enlightening talks about the importance and significance of the All Souls Festival.



Much caring, dedication and working together making for a very successful All Souls Festival! I participated on Zoom but certainly felt like I was part of it. I experienced the peace from the chanting and felt I had helped with the intention of the Festival. Thank you to all!!