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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Students visit Wong Dai Sin Temple as part of World Religions Tour

Over 80 students, staff and chaplain from Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School came Tuesday, October 29 for a visit at Wong Dai Sin Temple. Our temple was their first stop in the World Religions exploration tour in Toronto.

With great help from our Bathurst, Markham and Durham location representatives, we passed on a glimpse of our unique three religions culture in the Taoist arts of Sharing, Volunteering and Compassion.

It was explained to the group that we, Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism, do not want to replace other religions; we are “walking” with them in harmony on this “world path.”

The team ended their visit with our four foundation exercises and the first 17 moves of the Taoist Tai Chi® set. offered as an alternative to their busy day.

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