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One very important learning from my individual practice over the past 15 months has been “listening”. In my physical practice, this has taken the form of really paying attention to the feeling of the movement – the deeper feelings of opening, expansion, contraction, balance. And noticing the feeling of the circulation, when I can, that comes from those movements and how it gives a feeling of wholeness to the movement. My practice has shifted from striving to improve to noticing what is already happening and how it affects the feeling of the movements.

I find that whatever is going on in my physical practice, the same feeling is usually mirrored in the other ways I participate in the Organization. I have noticed how really listening to what someone is saying, without jumping ahead in my mind to think of my answer, helps me to more clearly hear what they are trying to say. This has helped me to recognize that even if we discuss very different ideas about how to approach something, some level of harmony already exists when we all have the intention to help the Organization. The important part seems to be to recognize that harmony and try to build on it. I still need more practice but by really listening, I am getting better at recognizing how to work together with more harmony.

I am grateful to the Directors for so regularly sharing their wisdom and guidance, which has been like the reliable steady rudder of our boat during the pandemic.

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