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Letting Go

Our leaders constantly remind us to let go and cultivate stillness. More and more, during this year of confinement, I have felt a greater balance and stability in letting my body naturally go to the end of the movement intention.

Once, when I was letting the expansion go all the way I even noticed that my body was smiling. I had a smile on my face without having wanted it. Just by letting it go all the way in a natural way, my face was smiling.

The more I look at this expression “letting go” the more I see that these two words contain the depth of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts that Master Moy bequeathed to us. I could say “let it go naturally”. Letting go until the end of the movement, letting go of worries, letting go with the gravity, letting go of the nature of my body, my heart and my mind.

I am fortunate that I have been given several tasks to help FLK. I am fortunate to be able to dedicate my time to FLK work seven days a week. I am fortunate to have many opportunities to let go of my worries, to let go of my fatigue, to let go of my search for food and other pleasures. Among other things, I have lost 25 pounds that I had too much. Not by following a diet, but just by choosing a simple and frugal way of eating and by letting go of excess food cravings.

In writing these words I also had to let go of my fears of not being up to par, of having prejudices and justifications that all the things I just wrote had already been said by people more competent than me.

I am grateful to be a student of Master Moy and to be part of his lineage. I feel more and more that letting things go naturally is helping me be a better person and may be closer to the Tao.

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