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Finding Connections Everywhere

Just as Taoist Tai Chi® arts work on body, mind and spirit, I’ve become more and more aware over the past 16 months that everything we do is connected.

When carrying out physical self-practice – whether of jongs, foundations or throughout the movements – there are so many points where a strong connection can be felt between one part of the body and other parts.

How good is it when the force from the feet transmits up the spine to the crown of the head and the feeling is that outward movement and coiling of the arms is driven by that force to just happen without conscious use of muscle – nothing faked. There’s that expansion following contraction and an amazing feeling of being ten feet tall … and ten feet wide.

Then there’s the connection felt in admin work for the organisation at local, regional or national level – helping others who are working hard to maintain the organisation and to prepare for the future when we go forward with in-person sessions.

But it doesn’t apply only there. During chanting when we are well-aligned with elbows down, there is a connection when from deep within, the rhythmic sounds flow, the circulation surges and the spirit lifts.

On top of that, there is the connection every Saturday with a thousand other people from around the globe simultaneously Chanting for the World. Thanks to technology, we are not alone. Not only that, during discussions we are connected in a very direct way to Master Moy’s teachings.

Truly, this has been a precious time.

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