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Connected to the Source

Today at the All Souls Festival chanting on Zoom I was overwhelmed by emotion.

During the Three Seasons Scripture, Repentance and Lighting Ceremony sutra, I thought of how grateful I was that Master Moy Lin Shin had brought these teachings and formed this organization to help us. Every time I thought of him my voice would break and tears came streaming down. I felt connected to our source and ever so grateful that he was always there.

I am going through a stressful and chaotic time of change. The release while seeking reconciliation was what I needed. I was so happy to take part in the Festival For All Souls online as in previous years I gained so much by attending in Calgary. The leader’s beautiful voice taped for the online chanting was a comfort to follow along with in the chanting. I know I will always have a family in Taoist Tai Chi® arts wherever I go.

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