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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Chanting helps with deep pain.

After my brother’s death by suicide 2 years ago, I experienced severe stabbing, catching pain in my heart and lung areas of my chest. I put it down to grief, but my doctor wanted me to have an ECG. It came back indicating some blockage in my heart arteries. I was hospitalized and underwent a scan of my heart and a stress test. Thankfully the tests came back normal, and eventually the chest pain subsided to a manageable but constant and persistent level.

When our Taoist Tai Chi® arts in-person activities were suspended in March I started chanting every day. Soon I joined the Saturday chanting sessions and FLK Board discussions, as well as my weekly branch chanting sessions. Seven months into the daily and weekly chanting practice, I feel the expansion of my lungs and ribs increasing and my chest pain is gone. I did not start the chanting with this outcome in mind. Yet here it is, and I am so grateful for the reduction in pain. As has been said, chanting is for our health and the Taoist Tai Chi(R) practice is our medicine. My gratitude for the Taoist Arts Master Moy gave us increases daily.

 Felicity, British Columbia

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