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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Chanting for the World Brings Many Together

Hello Pegoty,

It was good to hear your voice today. I like what you brought to the table about The New York Times opportunity to tell what we are doing to get through.

I jotted down  these words and phrases from Marsha, Andrew, Jim and others to share with participants in my weekly email check in:

“One thousand Taoist Tai Chi® participants band together each Saturday morning on Zoom to chant; staying together while staying apart, shifting minds from doom and gloom to a place of stillness and hope.”

We all face a degree of  doom and gloom that Marsha mentioned.  I want to share a bit of mine…as an example of where some of us come from.

I hadn’t even begun to process recent events before signing in for chanting this morning.  I learned that my daughter’s mother-in-law died from Covid-19 yesterday. Sadness for my son-in-law and his family consumed me. This news came on the same day that I met with neighbors who, like me, realize that a teenager across the street from my house is dealing drugs when his mom is away. The four of us had independently contacted the sheriff’s office and wanted to brainstorm about what to do next.  Long story short, one person googled and found the teen’s landlord who was grateful to be informed – their lease is up at the end of May and he is working to get them out sooner. But lingering feelings of having my home sanctuary invaded and threatened with yet more than the virus weighs heavy. I had just taken care of my 4-year-old granddaughter for two days (my son is a firefighter and his wife essential as well).  Being a part-time caregiver is a joy but also very draining dealing with our combined stresses.

I’m sure that some came to chanting today with a heavier heart than mine.  So I want to say YES!  to additional chanting  sessions that have powerful healing and comforting  properties.

Staying together apart changed my focus through the familiar sounds and predictability moving my mind and body away from the negative. The amazing and surprising joys and healing qualities of our art is boundless.

Please pass along to our FLK leaders how much I appreciate getting together with them and recognize the huge effort so many are making to bring chanting and fellow Tai Chiers into my home.

Warm regards,

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