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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Balance, Identifying Worry, and Listening

When I joined the Saturday chanting sessions last May, I was looking to remain connected with   Taoist Tai Chi® arts and our participants. But, with the chanting and discussions that followed, I realized there was so much more.

The continued focus on self-practice was a concept I had never considered. I preferred to practice with the group. I now have discovered self-practice, self-reliance and self-awareness.

As the leaders of Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism shared the wisdom of our founder Mr. Moy, I found myself applying this information to my own practice. I forgot I was alone.

Having time to work on my own practice has been such a gift. Instructing classes, the focus is on the group. Now is my time to work on my own practice and develop skills to be more helpful when classes resume.

There are three areas that have become important to my understanding: balance, identifying worry, and listening.

I felt finding balance was the most important in my Taoist Tai Chi® practice, work and personal life.  I am now identifying and dealing with the physical and mental effects of worry. This is tough even on a good day. But I’m getting better. Without the ability to listen and focus on the instruction, I would not have developed the awareness of the other parts of the whole.

I feel so blessed for this time ‘together while apart’.

Rob, Edmonton

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