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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: A Glittering Night in Etobicoke

If we could pick only one word to describe the evening: it would be “flow”. On so many levels, this is the best word to fit what happened at Etobicoke for our fifth annual cabaret.

Flow describes what is happening as the Etobicoke location practice floor is transformed into a scintillating night-spot. We have experienced an exceptional day of beautiful weather here in Toronto and it has made it easy for participants in Taoist Tai Chi arts and the people who love them to travel from many far off branches to enjoy the talents on display.

The décor is elegant with tables set with black tablecloths and battery operated lights and glitter which sparkles in the tiny lights. The stage is decorated with Chinese lanterns and the backdrop is backlit with more of the tiny lights, that hint at a night view over the city lights.

The set up takes no time at all and soon the room is bustling with sound checks, food prep and practicing performers. And then our guests start arriving. The level of excitement increases. Some performers pace, fiddle or look over their music while others sit quietly, perhaps meditating.  We keep “filling the house to the rafters” year after year because there are so many members who are willing and able to share their talents with us.

And then before we know it, Rachel and Gary, our MCs for the evening, begin the program. Several performers make tai chi part of their performance. Artists performed in many different styles. There were new acts to delight us and there were other performers who we know and love from prior cabarets and banquets. We heard from guitarists, pianists, jazz singers, poets, rock bands, some rousing Klezmer fiddle duets, confessions of a confused beginner student (comedy routine), some eerily beautiful electronic music and so much more.

Each annual cabaret has been unique. Though we have artists who return to entertain us, there is such a wide variety and such an abundance of talent that each year is completely different than the one before. Though each has been a wonderful night of entertainment.

The evening passed before we knew it and then that magical flow caused us to all move in a tai chi manner and return our nightclub to it’s former glory as a place where we practice this wonderful art.

Thank you to all who volunteered and performed and of course to all our guests. Together we made the evening a delightful success.

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