Welcome to the Tallahassee Branch and National Headquarters of The Taoist Tai Chi Society! 

Please come join us at our upcoming Open House and Awareness Day celebrations August 27th from 10 am until 1 pm at our beautiful center located at 2100 Thomasville Road and a free Jai Lunch at 12 noon.  We will have demonstrations of the various Taoist Arts we teach and you will be able to learn some of the moves yourself from the Taoist Tai Chi set.  Meanwhile, you are welcome to  join in on any beginner tai chi classes to try it out yourself. Refreshments will be served.

We offer beginning tai chi classes throughout the year. New beginner tai chi class times are listed below and include evening and daytime classes as well as weekend classes.

We invite you to visit the first session of a beginner class for free!
Class Days                             Start Time             End Time                Start Date
Tuesdays and Thursday          11:00 AM                   12 Noon                September 6, 2016
Saturday                                   9:15 AM                   10:45 AM               September 10, 2016
Wednesday and Friday            11:00 AM                  12 Noon                September 7, 2016
Wednesday                               5:00 PM                    6:30 PM                September 7, 2016
Sunday                                     9:15 AM                    10:45 AM               September 4, 2016
Monday                                     7:15 PM                    8:45 PM                September 5, 2016
Wednesday                               6:45 PM                    8:15 PM                September 7, 2016
Thursday                                   6:30 PM                    8:30 PM                September 8, 2016

Please contact us for more information

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