Welcome to Taoist Tai Chi in Toledo at the Maumee Center!
We offer Tai Chi classes at 6 locations in the Toledo area for your convenience.
You are welcome to attend classes at multiple locations.

New Beginner Classes:
MON  &  WED,       6-7pm                      started    11/3/14   at  Maumee Center  

TUES  &  THUR     9:30am-10:30am   started    11/4/14   at  Maumee Center
FRI  ONLY              1 – 2:30pm                  starting   1/2/15    at  Bowling Green Location
SAT  ONLY             9 – 10:30 am               starting   1/3/15    at  Maumee Center 
MON  &  WED,      10-11am                       starting   1/5/15    at  Walbridge Location
TUES  ONLY          6 – 7:30 pm                 starting   1/6/15    at  Maumee Center
TUES  ONLY          6:30 – 8 pm                 starting   1/6/15    at  East Toledo Location
TUES  &  FRI         1 – 2 pm                        starting   1/6/15    at  Sylvania Location
WED  ONLY          6 – 7:30pm                   starting   1/7/15    at  Toledo Location

We invite you to visit the first session for free!

Click here to download a PDF schedule of all locations for   Beginner Classes   and   ALL classes.

Classes & Events Calendar