Welcome to the Kentucky Branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society!
Tai Chi classes are offered in Louisville and Lexington.

Experience the benefits to mind and body that practicing this internal art of health provides including improved circulation, better balance, reduced stress, and increased strength and flexibility. All ages and abilities are welcome. Read more about  Beginner Classes. New students are always welcome to join New Beginner classes in progress.

June 3 –   Meets Wednesdays   6-7:30 pm
June 9 –   Meets Tuesdays   6-7:30 pm
June 13 – Meets Saturdays   9:30-11 am
June 21 – Meets Sundays   5-6:30 pm


You can register for class via email: kentucky@taoist.org

You may print a PARTICIPANT FORM and bring with you to the first class.

Questions? New Class FAQs.

108 Moves of the Taoist Tai Chi Set

Classes & Events Calendar