The International Center Florida conducts a modified schedule of programs for advancement of physical, mental and spiritual well-being that embody our founder Master Moy Lin Shin’s teachings, including Tai Chi, Lok Hup, Chanting, Meditation, Taoist ceremonies, Hsing-I, and Tai Chi sword and Tai Chi sabre.

These programs are held over a weekend or over a week.  All programs aim to develop the participant’s heart, mind and body. However, some programs will emphasize one of these aspects more than the others. In addition to attending classes, these programs will further the participants development.

Please note: dates and events are subject to change without notice. Please inquire or watch for separate notices, especially before making travel or work arrangements. All participants are expected to register online prior to their arrival at the International Center Florida.

International Center Florida Programs 2017: 

International Center Florida Information Sheet 2017 CLICK HERE  (Please read before registering for programs. This document contains discounted hotel information and important information on transportation and travel to the center.) last updated 2-1-2017

Central Region Program Jan 11 – 15

Chinese New Year Banquet $30 donation, January 14th

FLK Week Jan 16 – 20

Women and Taoist Tai Chi® Arts Feb 18 & 19 CLICK HERE    (Check in at the center  is 8:30AM -10:00AM on Feb 18th) ( Breakfast is available starting at 8:30)

International 5 Day Program Feb. 22 – 26 CLICK HERE    (Check in at the center  is 8:30AM -10:00AM on Feb 22nd) ( Breakfast is available starting at 8:30)

Tai Chi Sword and USA Annual Meeting May 27 – 29 CLICK HERE

International 5 Day Program Sept 13 -17 CLICK HERE


Grand Opening International Center Florida – Saturday Nov 4th (tentative)

Lok Hup Week Nov 6-10 CLICK HERE

Register Online  Click here to register for all available programs and events.

All programs are subject to change due to renovations. Contact the center prior to booking any flights. 

All programs are held in Building E, located at 280 Locklie Street, Dunedin, FL.

For more information call 1-877-398-1108 toll free in the US and Canada or 1-727-734-0929. 



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