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The Health Benefits of Taoist Tai Chi®
  • Taoist Tai Chi® arts

    Taoist Tai Chi® arts are founded upon a rich tradition of Taoist training. According to Taoist teachings body and mind cannot be separated. Practicing these arts help the mind return to stillness, clarity and wisdom and return the body to a balanced, relaxed and healthy state.

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  • Lift your spirit, Renovate your body

    Taoist Tai Chi® arts exercise the whole physiology; including the tendons, joints, connective tissue and internal organs. They are a method of ‘taming the heart’ and developing an attitude of calm, compassion and reduced self-centeredness both during practice and in daily life.

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  • The origin of Taoist Tai Chi® arts

    The founder of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society and Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism, Master Moy Lin Shin, devoted decades of his life to develop Taoist arts of cultivating body, heart and mind to make them accessible and beneficial to everyone, regardless of their physical condition.

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  • Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA

    The Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA and the International Taoist Tai Chi Society promote the principle of all cultures and religions moving together in harmony. Individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome to participate in the practice we offer.

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  • Where to start your training

    While there are many ways to participate in the training, most people begin with the physical practice of Tai Chi. Taoist Tai Chi® arts include a gentle set of movements that promote well-being for people of all ages and in all conditions. Introductory classes are offered at our locations across the USA.

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  • International Center Florida in Dunedin

    Renovations on the new International Center Florida are underway. The Historic Fenway Hotel is being restored to be our new National Headquarters and International Conference Center.

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Upcoming Events

Tai Chi Demo @ Boomtown Festival New Albany

Sun, May. 29, 2016

Louisville, Kentucky

New Beginner Class

Wed, Jun. 01, 2016

Cedar Park, Texas

Weekend Beginner Class

Fri, Jun. 10, 2016

Fairbanks, Alaska

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Available at many locations across the USA

Our founder Mr. Moy demonstrates

Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts

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