Types of Classes

Beginners - Weekend

You will start learning the 108 moves of our Tai Chi set and get introduced to a Taoist art that helps calm the mind, cultivates the heart and transforms you into a healthier and more harmonious person.

After participating in this Beginner Weekend, you can participate in any of the continuing Taoist Tai Chi™ arts classes at any of our locations.

The Weekend is also an opportunity for recent beginners to become more familiar with the set.

All are welcome, but please book online if you wish to participate.

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Beginners - Open House

Learn about the Taoist Tai Chi Society, watch demonstrations and try the first few moves of the Tai Chi set. There will be a beginner’s course following that you can join if you wish.

All are welcome – just turn up!

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Beginners - Classes

If you have not tried our Tai Chi before we recommend you choose a Beginner class at a location in your area.

Note that new members can join a class at any time after the start date. It generally takes 3 or 4 months to be introduced to the 108 movements of the Tai Chi set, after which, participants join a Continuing Class.

There is no pressure to master the movements in three months! At the beginning, the main goal is to start to gently exercise, relax, find balance and have fun. The classes last for around 2 hours with a short break for refreshment.

See the Beginner classes for your area, or contact us for details.

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Continuing classes

After you have been introduced to the 108 movements of the Taoist Tai Chi™ set, it is time to join a Continuing Class. You’re welcome to choose any classes from the available Continuing classes near your location. Talk to your instructor, they will help you find a class.

These classes will help you to practice and explore the health benefits of this art and improve your Tai Chi set. Taoist Tai Chi™ arts are a lifetime pursuit, and the continuing class is where you can develop further and constantly improve.

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Health Recovery classes

Some UK branches offer health recovery classes. These specialised classes enable those of us with chronic illnesses or who are recovering from injuries to incorporate the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts into our recovery as a complementary therapy.

Our International Centre (in Mono, just north of Toronto, Canada) also offers Health Recovery Programs where those of us with specific health concerns can spend time in a tranquil environment practicing the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts as a way to regain or maintain our well-being.

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Practice sessions

Some locations also have practice sessions, where we have the opportunity to enjoy practicing the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts together.

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Chanting is a Taoist practice that is done for the benefit of all beings, and also for the physiological benefits it gives to the practitioner. Any member is welcome to attend.

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