Transform body & mind: a balanced approach

The Taoist Tai Chi® arts have their origin in the tradition of Taoist internal alchemy.

Alchemy in Taoism is a process of changing and transforming to the original healthy state. This starts with the transformation of the physical body.

When the physical body is healthy and strong and the mind is quiet, the transformation of internal energies can occur.

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Transform body & mind: a balanced approach

How slow and steady wins the race

Our form of tai chi is specifically designed to improve health.


The turning and stretching in each of the movements contributes to better balance and posture, increased strength and flexibility, and calmness and peace of mind.


Pay a visit to one of our classes and you’ll see people of all ages benefiting from the healing movements of this ancient art form.


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How slow and steady wins the race

Getting better through the Taoist Tai Chi® arts

We offer health recovery programs, which are specialized workshops and classes for people with chronic illnesses or those recovering from injuries. These arts have proven very effective as complementary therapy in aiding and speeding recovery. Movements can be adapted for people with reduced mobility.


We’ve found most people can do the practise the Taoist Tai Chi® arts regardless of handicaps or ailments. In fact, many conditions have shown to improve with the regular practice of this art.


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Getting better through the <em>Taoist Tai Chi</em><sup>®</sup> arts

Personal stories

Young or old, newly healthy or healing, all around the world – practitioners of Taoist Tai Chi® arts experience profound and life-changing improvement in their overall well-being.


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Personal stories