Tai Chi for Multiple Sclerosis

Tai Chi for Multiple Sclerosis

Tai chi an ideal practice for coping with Multiple Sclerosis

Taoist Tai Chi® practice has been “ideal” in helping Canadian Sylvia Guite cope with mulitiple sclerosis. She was diagnosed with MS in 1983 and had attacks every six months which paralysed up to three limbs at a time.




“Within 20 minutes I’d be down on the floor and couldn’t get up again.

So I started tai chi because I heard it would help people with MS.

It was ideal. I’ve never looked back…It’s been great.

Almost within months I had flexibility back, I had balance, and it’s been really good for me.”


Many others with MS have benefited from practicing theTaoist Tai Chi® arts, like Mariette Swagerman from The Netherlands who has Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She says Taoist Tai Chi® practice has given her a substantially better quality of life.

“My balance improved, I can control my leg spasms, my bladder condition recovered, and my digestion and immunity system became stronger. I am happier, more flexible, open and secure than before, knowing that I can choose to do something that really helps me.”


Find out what Taoist Tai Chi®  practice can do for you

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Personal story video

Sylvia talks about how the health recovery programs at the the International Centre for Taoist Tai Chi® arts have changed her life.

Medical research on benefits of Tai Chi for Multiple Sclerosis

The Multiple Sclerois Trust in Britain says research has shown that Tai Chi has a medical benefit for those with chronic health problems, including multiple sclerosis.

“Long-term Tai Chi practice was found to have favourable effects on the promotion of balance control, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness and reduced the risk of falls in older people. It was also found to reduce pain, stress and anxiety.”