Types of Classes

Beginner classes

The best place to start is at the beginning! So new participants will normally sign up for a Beginner Class, where they will be introduced to the 108 movements of the Taoist Tai Chi® set.

You can come along to any of our Beginners classes at any time.

These classes are usually weekly and run for between 1.5 to 2 hours per. Most locations offer a variety of class times so that there are opportunities for people to be able to fit a class into their personal schedule. People are welcome to attend as many different beginner classes they would like.

It generally takes 3 or 4 months to be introduced to the 108 movements of the Tai Chi set, after which, participants join a Continuing Class.

There is no pressure to master the movements in three months! At the beginning, the main goal is to start to gently exercise and to relax. We try to keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable, so you can feel comfortable progressing at your own pace. More information for beginners >

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Continuing Classes

After you have been introduced to the 108 movements of the Taoist Tai Chi® set, it is time to join a Continuing Class.

Continuing classes will help you to practice and explore the health benefits of this art and improve your Tai Chi set. Taoist Tai Chi® arts are a lifetime pursuit and the continuing class is the environment in which you can develop your skills and continually learn about the nuances of the art form.

Locations typically offer several continuing classes during the week. As a registered participant, you may attend any or all of these classes as well as other classes at any of our locations worldwide.

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Health Recovery Classes

Health Recovery classes are specialised classes which enable people with chronic illnesses, or those who are recovering from injuries, to incorporate Taoist Tai Chi™ arts into their recovery. Whilst not intended as a replacement for Western medicine, Taoist Tai Chi™ arts aim to complement and run alongside it, offering the practitioner the opportunity of greatly improving their well-being and their functional capacity. Movements can be adapted for those with reduced mobility. These classes are offered at selected branches and usually feature an higher participant instructor ratio with more experienced instructors.



Residential Health Recovery Workshops are offered at the International Centre in Canada.

You can watch some personal stories of health recovery here


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Chanting is a Taoist practice that is done for the benefit of all beings and also for the physiological benefits it gives to the practitioner.

Anyone is welcome to attend these sessions.

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Sword/Sabre Practice

Tai Chi Sword and Tai Chi Sabre are weapons sets given to us by Master Moy.  Sword and Sabre sets are only taught at workshops.

Sword and Sabre Set Practices sessions are held at some locations and are an opportunity for  people to meet up and practice together.


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Lok Hup Practice

Lok Hup Ba Fa is another set which is part of the Taoist Arts given to us by Master Moy.

Lok Hup is only taught at workshops in New Zealand.

Some locations have regular session times that enable members to practice Loh Hup together.

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Practice Session

Practice Sessions are an opportunity for people to come together and practice their Tai Chi – there is no instruction at Practice Sessions.

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