Our National Centre in Ballina Co. Mayo is our home in Ireland. It is a permanent place for participants to improve their understanding of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts together, cook food, enjoy it together and clean up afterwards!

Like any home it is a place to relax where we come together with our Tai Chi friends from Ireland and all over the world. Please see the schedule for class times and feel free to phone or drop in to learn more about Taoist Tai Chi™ arts and start experiencing the health benefits today!

At the National Centre we have many events you are welcome to attend:

– Daily beginner and  continuing Tai Chi classes.

Several times throughout the year, we have:

– Intensives, which are 3 hour classes to improve participants Taoist Tai Chi™ arts, and

– The Taichiathon, an annual event of practising Taoist Tai Chi™ arts from 8am – 8pm.

– Workshops, which are 2, 3 or 5 day events, led by International Instructors, many of whom have met and trained with Master Moy Lin Shin and wish to share their understanding  and enthusiasm for  Taoist Tai Chi™ arts.

During  our IWS in June 2016 we had a reception here. If you want to know more of the IWS and the 20th Anniversary celebrations: Read here…

Many countries have permanent Centres for practising and improving our understanding of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts. It is a testament to the hard work of all involved in volunteering their free time that these centres exist.

The first International Centre of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society was founded in 1984 near Toronto in Canada. A new International Centre in Dunedin in Florida is under construction at the moment. The advantages of these centres or homes is that they have on site accommodation. Participants can stay for some time improving their health and helping others before bringing back their understanding to share in their respective countries.

In Europe we are lucky to have:

– Northern European Centre in Colchester, near London in England.

– National Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland.

– Southern European Centre in Madrid, Spain.

More information on the events hosted at these National and International Centres can be found at www.taoist.org