Our Founder Master Moy Lin Shin

The Taoist Tai Chi™ arts were developed and made available to us by a Taoist monk, Master Moy Lin Shin. His teachings combine an extensive knowledge of the Taoist classics with training he received from respected teachers in China and Hong Kong.

As a boy, Master Moy Lin Shin grew up with serious health problems. To aid his recovery, he began to practice Tai Chi and Lok Hup, as well as Taoist meditation. These techniques helped him fully recover from his illness and inspired him to try to make these arts available to all who wished to learn them. To do so, he developed the 108-move set that we practice, an art that brings together the many insights Master Moy Lin Shin learned about the workings of human physiology, internal circulation and spiritual training.

In 1970, Master Moy immigrated to Canada, where he  devoted the rest of his life to fulfilling the the aim to help people restore and maintain their physical, mental and spiritual well being through the practice of the  Taoist Tai Chi™ arts.

Master Moy was always careful to point out that these teachings were more than just a mere set of movements, they encompassed practical wisdom for living, drawing upon the richness of Chinese culture and Taoist tradition.