How do I learn Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is learned by doing. The beginner class format is simple. The instructor shows a move several times, then performs it with the class, and then watches students as they repeat it. People of all ages and conditions can learn. The moves can be performed in any comfortable clothing. It is recommended that you wear shoes offering good support and balance, like comfortable walking shoes or runners, but there are no special uniforms.

How do I find a class near me?

Visit our  Find a Class   page and see if there is a class in your area. You can drop by and start to learn Tai Chi anytime at a beginner class  even if you miss the start date.

What are the health benefits?

Regular practice of  Taoist Tai Chi™ arts can bring a wide range of health benefits to the muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems. The flowing movements serve as a moving meditation that reduces stress and provides a way to cultivate body and mind.

How long does it take to learn the set?

It takes about three to four months in a beginner class to learn the basic movements and be able to do them with a group. Then you can practice in a continuing class, where you learn to practice on your own, extend your understanding of the moves and add additional exercises to aid in developing the health benefits.

What if I’m not coordinated?

Learning Tai Chi is not like learning dance. Developing balance and coordination are part of the learning process, the benefits of the practice. You need not worry if you believe you have two left feet or no eye-hand coordination. You learn by doing.

My memory is not what it used to be, does that matter?

No, the repetition of the moves develops memory you didn’t even know you had. One of the benefits of the way we teach Tai Chi is that you will always be doing it with people who know the set whom you can follow.

Who are the instructors?

All our instructors are volunteers who have been accredited by the National Instruction Coordination Committee for their country. Instructors maintain their accreditation through ongoing training.

What does it cost?

Contact your nearest location for contribution amounts. Your contribution allows you to participate in Taoist Tai Chi® arts at that location and around the world. There are reduced rates for students and seniors and for those unable to contribute the full amount due to financial hardship.

Is there more after the beginner course?

There is great depth to these arts and many find they are on a path of lifelong learning. Our organization provides classes and programs to help participants continue to progress along this path.

Is there instruction outside of regular classes?

There are other programs available that offer extended instruction – from 3 hour intensives to 5 day programs. They offer an opportunity to work at a deeper level and to practice longer, which allows the body to absorb the instruction. Programs that focus on arts such as Meditation, Lok Hup, Hsing-I, Sword, Sabre and other aspects of Taoist training are also available. Participants are always encouraged to attend programs at our International Centre.

Introduction video to Taoist Tai Chi™ Arts: A moving meditation for body, mind and spirit.

Young or old, newly healthy or healing, all around the world, practitioners of the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts experience profound and life-changing improvement in their overall well-being.


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