International Awareness Day 2014

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Date:August 7, 2014 (Thursday)
Location: Yonge-Dundas Square Toronto, Canada
Time:9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Registration:This is a public event, everybody is welcome.
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International Awareness Day 2014

Join the Celebration!

Come join us in a demonstration of all cultures moving together in harmony practicing Taoist Tai Chi™ arts. Open to everyone, this day is a celebration of our mission to deliver all from suffering by pursuing the way of community service, rituals & ceremonies and the cultivation of body, mind and spirit through the practice of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts. It’s fun, a beautiful sight to see and you’ll be able to learn the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts in one of our classes.

The event includes demonstrations of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts, free classes for beginners, greetings from distinguished guests and representatives of the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism and the International Taoist Tai Chi Society from 26 countries, a discussion of the importance of dual cultivation of body and mind as well as a dragon dance and parade.

Schedule for the day:

Free walk in Classes Taoist Tai Chi™ arts – open to the general public
Every half hour starting at 9:00 a.m. Last class starts at 1:30 p.m.
You want to start learning the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts right away?
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9:00 a.m.     Taoist Tai Chi™ arts demonstration

10:00 a.m.    Greetings from Distinguished Guests

11:00 a.m.    Taoist Tai Chi™ arts demonstration

11:30 a.m.     Parade

12:30 p.m.    Taoist Tai Chi™ arts demonstration

2:30 p.m.      Return to International Centre (members only)

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Members of the general public do not need to register for this event; everybody is welcome to enjoy this celebration with us and drop in at one of our free classes at any time!

The following note only applies to participants of Fung Loy Kok or members of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society participating in the demonstration: Please register online if you want to participate in this event, ALSO when you are not participating in CIT Week. If you have registered for CIT week, but not for Awareness Day, we assume you will attend Awareness Day and list you as a participant.

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